Choosing clothes for office wear can be a complicated thing as you want to look strict and polished but at the same time remain beautiful and feminine. Besides, you have your personal style but a bit unsure if it goes well with garments of business fashion. Find out which looks give you a professional look and which fashions can be a career killer. There is the sense, particularly among young women, that nowadays anything goes. It is not true. Here are some of the things you should take into consideration when selecting outfits for work:


It plays a huge role in professional image. Traditional career colors include red (which is a bit aggressive though), navy, gray, brown and black. Most of these colors work well in pantsuits, skirts and shoes and mix back with softer feminine colors that are appropriate like ice blue, lilac, beige, soft pink and ivory.

woman suit 2 Office Style: What is Appropriate to Wear to Work

Bright colors like hot pink are much riskier in the office, but if you are creative and bold you can try them either. However, avoid any kinds of prints and patterns – only monochromatic tints will do. Fit is everything when you want to look perfect. Pants should be fitted, but free of visible panty lines. Skirts, especially straight styles like pencil skirts, should be loose enough to sit down in comfortably. Jackets should be able to be buttoned. And blouses shouldn’t expose too much of your body.


They are of utmost importance and must be expensive. Invest into really good pieces as they help create your image.

Jewelry that is too bright and attracts much attention is distracting. Opt for stud earrings or single bracelets. Steer clear of anything that is not made of metal.

Slouchy handbags look bad. Prefer more structured styles that project an organized image. business woman hangbags Office Style: What is Appropriate to Wear to Work

And don’t forget about the details such as manicured nails, hose that is mandatory even in a very hot weather, neat hair and perfume.

By the way, perfume is a mandatory thing as well. It has to be nice, slightly smelled.

Follow the style of your female boss or superiors

You may be uncertain about what to wear as your office doesn’t have any strict guidelines about clothes. One of possible clues to company dress codes is what your boss wears.

Just think about the styles that the highest-level woman in your organization wears and use them in your wardrobe.

woman red suit Office Style: What is Appropriate to Wear to Work

There is something here you should always keep in mind – your clothes should not be more expensive than the ones of your boss!

Some companies encourage employees to dress as well or better than their customers, especially for employees that meet clients outside the office. One way to always be prepared is to keep an extra “meet the client” outfit at the office for unexpected meetings.

Career Killers

There are clothing items that are called ‘carrier killers’ as they can bring permanent damage to your professional image: too casual styles (jeans, shorts, T-shirts, hats, sneakers), too sexy (see-through lace, miniskirts, sheer sundresses, strappy stiletto sandals), too sloppy things (wrinkled clothing, too many layers, baggy-fit clothing) and everything that makes you feel inappropriate in the office.

sexy business woman Office Style: What is Appropriate to Wear to Work

Always remember that your clothes position you. If you look too sexy you are not taken seriously. In case you are too strict it again sends a wrong message.

Try something that nobody is going to comment on. Good luck!


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